Wedding Fireworks & Pyrotechnic Displays

If you’re getting married at wedding venues in Inverness, Aberdeenshire, or Moray, we have packages that will make your celebrations stand out

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We exclusively use one of the largest pyrotechnic suppliers in the UK to gain access to products that many of our competitors cannot. That’s what makes Moray Firth Fireworks different. We deliver a huge range of effects that will amaze your guests and be remembered for years to come.

Wedding Fireworks Packages

Multi colored fireworks

Silver Package

With vibrant colours and eye-popping effects, your wedding display contains 10ft fountains, multi-shot cakes and candles, aerial shell bursts, and a multi-shell burst finale. Moray Firth Fireworks will take care of all event planning at your wedding venue to create professional fireworks displays and wedding decorations your guests will love.

  • 2.5” shells (up to 5” if the venue is suitable)
  • Show duration – 8 minutes

Blurred Fireworks

Gold Package

One of our most popular professional fireworks displays and outdoor wedding centrepieces. This great pyrotechnics display contains larger cake bores and barrages, delivering higher impact and the ability to wow your wedding guests. If you’re planning your wedding venue celebrations, speak to Moray Firth Fireworks and we can deliver a truly memorable experience.

  • 3″ shells (up to 6″ if the venue is suitable)
  • Show duration – 10 minutes

Multi colored fireworks

Platinum Package

A breathtaking multi-angle display that will take your wedding celebrations to new heights. Aerial shells bursting over large bore cakes rising to 800ft in the sky! The entire sky at your chosen wedding venue will be filled with beautiful colour. A must for your wedding to-do list.

  • For medium to large venues
  • Shells 3”, 4”, 5”, and 6”
  • Show duration – 12 minutes

We can fire this display at smaller sites. Please contact our sales team for more details.

Multi colored fireworks

Diamond Package

Your very own large-scale firework display. Our professional fireworks create an outstanding array of colour and are guaranteed to make lasting memories for your wedding guests and create a truly unique celebration.

  • Large venues only
  • Shells 2”, 2.5”, 3”, 4”, 5”, and 6”
  • Show duration – 15 minutes

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If your wedding venue is in Moray, Inverness or elsewhere is not large enough for a full-size display we sell retail fireworks that you and your guests can launch yourself.

Perfect for smaller budgets and remember, Moray Firth Fireworks can supply an outstanding pyrotechnics display if you choose to hold your wedding in Inverness, Aberdeen, or anywhere around the highlands of Scotland and beyond.

If you have an outdoor wedding venue and want to create lasting memories for all of your guests, get in touch. Our firework displays are well-known throughout Scotland and the UK.


We use state of the art firing systems to fire from multiple sites, giving your event a much bigger impact. The wow factor that people are looking for.

Our aerial shell display will reach heights of up to 800ft. With new effects and colours becoming available every year you can trust Moray Firth Fireworks to deliver new ideas and displays. We go further than our competitors.

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Display Options

We have a list of options that you can add to any of the displays. Perfect for any type of wedding venue. We’re the expert wedding fireworks display company in the Highlands.

Add 5″ finale shell
Add two 5″ finale shells
Add 6″ finale shell
Add two 6″ finale shells
Add 4″ red heart shells x 6
Add extra finale lift of 3″ & 4″ shells
Add the bride & groom large red start button!

Moray Firth Fireworks creates spectacular displays for everyone to remember

Our dedicated team of firework professionals are available to deal with all your questions. Just get in touch with us and start building your dream event

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With extensive experience in delivering firework and pyrotechnic displays for a range of large events, Moray Firth Fireworks has the knowledge and tools to deliver something truly special.


Moray Firth Fireworks has worked on some fantastic projects over the years

Take a look at some of our past displays in our dedicated gallery

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